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Strong Neighborhoods
Both new and Historic
  •  Strong Neighborhoods: Support home ownership. Assure workforce housing options. Provide the right mix of housing. Preserve our historic neighborhoods. Plan well for new neighborhoods. 
  • Amenities: Support walkability, Maintain infrastructure and care for our parks and park amenities in a fiscally responsible way. Enhance neighborhood good will.
Strong Businesses
Downtown and Beyond
  • Parking: Working with owners and customers to implement parking solutions that work.
  • Hotels: Create enough hotel rooms to support a maximized Convention Center Event calendar. More visitors, more business, more money.
  • Improvements: Facades, signage, good business mix, pedestrian/bike, landscape, and placemaking. The perfect place to shop and take an evening stroll.
  •  Business Centers: Create the conditions that make Provo the obvious choice for new business, both large and small.
Getting it right
  • Open Space: Preserving what we love for future generations. 
  • Active Transportation: Remembering bikes, trails, pedestrian safety, good roads and transit options, where appropriate.
  • Good Housing: Healthy mix for healthy neighborhoods that last and last, protecting our investments.
  •  Experts: Learn from the successes and missteps of other cities ahead of us in the growth curve. 
Provo Airport
Supporting Business
  •  Next Steps: We need more carriers, more flights going to and returning from more destinations. Developing the airport includes: a vibrant business district that supports airport activity. 
  • Terminal Discussion: In order to have more flights, we need to address critical terminal needs. It's time to start having that discussion.
Build Community Unity
  •  Transparency: Enhance communication about city information, projects, and planning. Create publicly accessible timelines to be updated regularly.
  • Build community: Work for a balance that champions neighborhoods AND economic vitality. Prepare Provo for the decades of opportunity to come.
Homeless vs. Panhandlers
Supporting Solutions
  • Panhandlers: Laws prohibit passing anything from a car.  But donating a $1 to our established non-profits can double, triple and even quadruple the benefit for those in real need. Sometimes not giving a direct handout can be our most compassionate choice.
  • Homeless: Transitioning the homeless out of their situation is our first choice. Rather than  warehousing people in shelters, dial 2-1-1 an let our Coalition of Care non-profits maximize available help. Let's focus on solutions that provide hope.
Good Governance
How we govern matters
  • Fiscal responsibility:  All taxpayers want excellent value for their taxes. Careful analysis before, during and after any expenditure will be required of my administration. Transparency is the standard.
  • Prepared for the future: Maintain city infrastructure in good repair. Prepare for ongoing maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure. Be transparent about upcoming city needs and work as a community for sound solutions.
  • Respect: Work with Council respectfully and collaboratively.
Foster Contribution
People are our asset
  •  Non-Profits: Support the efforts and contributions of all our non-profits as they provide critical services. 
  • Volunteerism: Encourage our private citizens and groups to contribute value and skills to our community.
  • Universities Relations: Embrace our universities and their students as a vital part of Provo's culture and economic engine. Work to enhance each other's contribution and coordination which elevates our community.
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Important Dates
  • Primary--Aug 15th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
  •  General--Nov 7th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
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