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I also wanted to include a list of my experience in serving our community. It’s been a tremendous experience for me to help guide some of the most important outcomes for our future by participating with others to create good outcomes.

Current Volunteer Service to Our Community, County, and State


Member Board of Trustees – Utah Transit Authority

March 2016 to present

Currently serving as Co-Vice Chair

Member of the Executive Committee

Chairman of the Service and Customer Relations Committee

Member of the Stakeholder/Government Relations Committee

Appointed to the UTA Board of Trustees by Utah County. Elected October 2016 to serve as Co-Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees. Completed a 3 year program of reforms to realign the agency goals, outcomes and culture. Some of these goals included:

  • UTA Compensation was studied and aligned to be competitive and attract experienced employees, while being fiscally responsible.
  • Suspending Executive Bonuses
  • Creating greater oversight and accountability for travel and reimbursement. Any international travel must be approved in a public Board Meeting.
  • Enhanced procedures and oversight on financial disclosures and conflict of interest
  • Adopting a Board Member Code of Conduct.
  • Adopting Performance metrics.
  • Dashboarding Prop 1 improvements and results.
  • Creating service enhancements
  • Restructuring the organization
  • Creating better communications with stakeholders
  • Creating better internal audit procedures and addressing risk
  • Creating two vice-chair positions
  • Enhance transparency that exceeds the state code with regard to public meetings
  • Improving board governance
  • Restructuring committees to address strategic goals and organizational alignment

Mountainland Association of Governments (MAG)

Mar 2016- present

UTA’s representative

Mountainland Association of Governments is the regional planning organization charged with creating a cohesive plan to manage all modes of transportation in our area. The board consists of all the Mayors from throughout Utah County, the County Commissioners, UDOT, and UTA. With the exception of city specific projects, all transportation projects are managed and prioritized through the oversight of this committee.

Provo City – Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee (TMAC)

Aug 2013 – Present

This city board reviews and makes recommendations on amendments to the City’s Vision 2030 document, the General Plan, transportation master plan, the major and local street plan, and any other planning document that impacts transportation and mobility within the City, among other duties. Reappointed in 2016. Currently serving as Chair.

The committee is currently working on a Complete Streets Policy, has made recommendations to create a bicycle masterplan, is reviewing an ongoing parking study for Downtown and continues to look at long-range transportation projects focused on roads, transit, bikes and pedestrian enhancements.

Community Volunteer Council – KBYU-TV/FM

August 2015 – Present

Serve as a member of the Community Volunteer Council acting in an advisory capacity on programming, community input, and vision.

Board of Directors – Neighborworks of Provo

Feb 2012 to present

Currently serving as Board Secretary

NeighborWorks Provo improves neighborhoods by promoting pathways to homeownership, providing affordable housing solutions, improving housing quality, upgrading and maintaining high quality rentals and promoting neighborhood pride and unity.

Neighborhood Housing Services of Provo, doing business as NeighborWorks Provo, is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization that has been providing vital community services to the downtown neighborhoods of Provo, Utah, since 1992. In the early days, our focus was on owner occupied home improvement loans, community volunteer clean up and volunteer home painting events. We have since evolved into building affordable homes, purchase, rehabilitation and resale of dilapidated homes, and have become the first successful nonprofit mortgage lender in the state of Utah.

Our community services include foreclosure avoidance and remediation counseling, home buyer education classes, credit restoration counseling, rental services, homeownership opportunities, and community event planning. All of our programs for counseling are at no cost!

Our strategic and business plans aid us in aligning ourselves better with the current economic conditions of our great state. As a private nonprofit organization, we pride ourselves in maintaining the flexibility to adjust to the current and most urgent needs of our fellow constituents, including expanding our service area to the greater portion of Central Utah and into Washington County, in all business lines and consulting services for partner agencies.

Social Media Engagement

Ongoing Social Media outreach to Groups and Neighborhoods on Facebook on Provo City Issues, UTA Information, Utah Growth and more.

Helped provide information to thousands of residents about planning that has been ongoing for Provo’s West Side and the move of the High School.

Proponent of Women Entrepreneurs and the Business Community through featured Video Segments

Previous Provo City Experience

Provo Vision 2030 Steering Committee

Mobility and Transportation Subcommittee

Family and Leisure Subcommittees

Communication, Image and Branding Subcommittee

Governance Subcommittee

In March 2010, Provo City formed a 20-member visioning steering committee to provide guidance on what Provo City should be by the year 2030. The purpose of this process was to provide consistent long-term direction to municipal decision-making in areas not typically addressed by a general plan or other tools used in Provo’s strategic planning.

Under the direction of Mayor John Curtis and the municipal council, a steering committee developed an aspirational Community Vision Statement and specifically identified eight Provo Core Values. With the guidance of these documents, 14 subcommittees, consisting of interested individuals with strong ties to Provo City, were formed to provide policy direction within the scope of their respective topics.

To learn more visit: http://www.provo.org/about-us/current-issues/vision-2030

Download the document at: http://www.provo.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=2382

The strategic plan is currently undergoing an update to prepare us for 2050. Link: http://www.provo.org/Home/ShowDocument?id=9724

Vice-Chair Provo Municipal Council, 2010

Councilmember, 2008-2012

Chair Redevelopment Agency of Provo

Served on the following committees and boards:

Arts Council

Airport Board

Helped guide the Rec Center discussion and preparation to go to a vote. Assisted in design, programming and development input and approvals. It is currently the most successful Rec Center in the nation and returns positive cash flow back to the city.

Managed the transition of the iProvo network through privatization and helping to lay the groundwork for the sale to Google Fiber

Council Downtown Committee

Created policy leading to funding Downtown improvements and our successful façade grants and blade sign grants that have revitalized Downtown.

Council Economic Development Committee

Land Use Committee

Budget and Appropriations Chair

Business Development Committee

Noted success:

Instrumental in policy development and intent statements that clarified Council direction.

Worked closely with department heads and staff to address and prepare for ongoing issues.

Aligned policy adoption to be congruent with the General Plan, Vision 2030 document, and any Specific Area Plans when new policy was brought to the Council.

Instrumental in forwarding a more responsible budget process that led to greater transparency.

Passed the Broadview Shores Masterplan for the northwest sector of the city.

Helped to bring more parks to the community. Supported trails and biking.

Area Chair for the Southwest part of Provo City

Neighborhood Chair – Lakeview North Neighborhood

Helped to lead citizen efforts to plan Lakeview Park, and the Broadview Shores Masterplan.

Previous Volunteer Service to Our Community and County

Board of Directors – Community Health Connect

Feb 2012 – Jun 2014

Community Health Connect’s mission is to improve access to quality health and dental care for low-income uninsured men women and children. We accomplish this goal through the coordination of a Volunteer Provider Network, providing health education and by maximizing existing community resources.

Utah County Republican Party – Public Relations and Media Officer

Dec 2012 – May 2013

Member of the Executive Board and Steering Committee for the Party. Advise on public relations, strategy, press releases and assist in messaging for the County Chair.