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Provo Redevelopment

Provo RedevelopmentT his year I am serving as the chair of the Redevelopment Agency. The agency is separate from Provo City and members of the Council serve as the Board. The Redevelopment Agency is established to undertake programs and projects that help to revitalize our Downtown, key commercial centers and the neighborhoods that surround the downtown. Follow the link below to learn more about the programs and efforts the Redevelopment Agency is pursuing.

Economic Development

Economic DevelopmentO ne way to keep property taxes low is to pursue economic opportunities for businesses to come to Provo. With a long list of awards to our credit, Provo is bursting with economic opportunity. As a Council member, I am always looking for ways to enhance our local businesses. You can help by Buying Local as much as possible. When you spend your dollars locally that sales tax revenue keeps your taxes lower and help to fund critical city services.

Visioning Provo

Visioning ProvoF or nearly a year now, the city has engaged in a long range planning process to define a community vision. The efforts of a steering committee and 13 subcommittees have focused on key issues that face our city. Their efforts resulted in a visioning document that has come before multiple stakeholder groups, public meeting and an online comment forum. I encourage you to read the Vision 2030 document and watch the video.