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Economic Development
Business comes when you create the conditions that assure those businesses make a return on their investment and when the quality of life for their employees attracts and maintains great talent. 

Business comes when you create the conditions that assure that those buisinesses make a return on their investment and when the quality of life for their employees attracts and maintains great talent. Cities sometimes give incentives when the investment is significant and to offset the costs, and when it benefits the city in the long term in the form of CDAs (Community Development Area) or RDAs (Redevelopment Area). Provo has made a lot of progress in creating those favorable conditions. Provo has nearly 2 jobs for every resident. Creating a robust employment environment that serves our businesses. Developing Provo is about employment opportunities that draw people here to work and spend their money.

We all have a desire to see our favorite businesses come to town, for example Trader Joes. As a business, Trader Joes has already determined which conditions are most likely to assure their success. When we as a community provide those conditions, they and all your favorites will come.

When Sandy went through a Downtown Masterplan process, it resulted in multiple buildings coming out of the ground, offering hundreds of high dollar value jobs. The Hale Center Theater relocated, the mall is being redeveloped, a transportation master plan initiated. All of which required a second and third look at infrastructure requirements. Removing even a single element of this overall plan could have meant complete failure. But, Sandy is doing it right. Good job Sandy.

It takes courage to plan and face the realities that business needs for success. Their success however, is our community's success.

Provo has always grown. Provo has always changed. It's comes down to experience and preparation and most of all utilizing the expertise of our city employees who have some mad skills in this area. I'm looking forward to working with the Council, upon which I once served, to navigate through the challenge and incentives to get this done. 

It was an honor for me to work throughout the years in the discussions that produced our Downtown Master Plan.


  •  Plan our Transit Oriented Development with an ey to the future (Frontrunner station and the Mix and the Downtown)
  •  Begin implementing our Parking Study with our new Parking Director
  • Continue with our Downtown Masterplan, make adjustments to meet market
  • Continue to work on hotels that support the Convention Center
  • Continue to foster Tech Startups that feed the potential of more expansion
  • Focus on quality of life that attracts businesses
  • Work closely with the Chamber of Commerce to support all levels of business
  • Recognize that corporations prepare for years to make a decision to come
  • Seriously work with the community to be transparent with the conditions that attract retail and business
  • Keep workforce housing strong
  • Keep working on air quality issues to assure long-term desirability and quality of life
  • Promote Provo's outdoor amenities
  • Stay on those #1 lists...they matter
  • Maintain Provo's regional relevance in Utah Valley
  • Support or medical expansion to serve future city needs
  •  Support and promote private local investment that has been made in business centers such as the Riverwoods

  •  Provo Council (Zoning, Housing, CDAs, Impact fees, Infrastructure, Economic Growth, Downtown, City Budget, Rec Center, Airport, Google Fiber)
  •  Provo Neighborhoods (chair, area rep, councilmember, current vice-chair)
  •  Neighborworks (workforce housing non-profit)
  •  Mountainland Association of Governments Regional Planning (transportation)
  •  Transportation Mobility Advisory Committee (City transportation plan: bikes, pedestrian, cars, transit, complete streets)
  •  Advocate of BRT - as a private citizen
  •  Utah Transit Authority - Vice-Chair Board of Trustees (TOD, transit, budget)
  •  Redevelopment Agency of Provo, Chair (RDAs, housing, Downtown)
  •  Community Health Connect - (healthcare)
  •  KBYU Community Council - (community, emerging issues)
  •  Small Business Owner - (30 years of in the trenches, and helping dozens of businesses gain a competitive edge in their marketing and business)
  •  Housing - (decades of experience marketing, positioning, growing housing companies to $21M/year profits, fostering neighborhood and community.)
  •  Provo Resident (38 years in the community)
  •  And most of all a love for this community and getting it right. And having FUN while we do it!

  • TOOLS:
  • Provo's great PR and #1s, Provo's Citizens, Small Business, Support Startups, Support current businesses, Context relevant planning discussions, Education, Marketing, Video, Meetings, RDAs, CDAs, seizing opportunities, pushing forward current measures in progress, working closely with the Council

  •  Have a detailed Masterplan in place.
  •  Checking off the objectives that plan.
  •  Are we better off today?
  •  Are our businesses healthier?
  •  Is our employment and workforce happy, productive and doing well?
  •  Able to sieze the opportunities that will come.
Let's Talk About Parking

Parking has been in the news lately with the County and City at odds over what to do about the Convention Center parking. I'm confident that we can work through these issues and I'm ready with the history, the experience and the respect for all involved to work toward a positive solution.

My years on the Provo Council, as a Neighborhood leader, and working on the City's Transportation and Mobility Advisory Committee have kept me up to speed and ready to hit the ground running. 

Here is what we know from the recent Strategic Parking Management Plan summarized:

The development of a strategic vision and a strong, well defined action plan is a critical first step in creating a comprehensive public parking program for Provo City. We applaud the community’s recognition of this fact and for making this important investment.

Parking can be a significant partner and contributor to advancing the community’s economic development goals as well helping to improve the overall experience of accessing Provo’s core neighborhoods and downtown business district. We are confident with the strong team of City leaders, an engaged and supportive Mayor and City Council, a strong downtown organization and new investments in parking program development that the future of downtown Provo is bright indeed. Now the real work on parking program improvement begins!


  • Adopt new program Vision and Mission Statements and Recommended Parking Program Guiding Principles. Hire a parking management professional and implement parking management best practices.
  • Establish the parking program as a separate enterprise fund and combine all parking related revenue streams into this fund.
  •  Begin a process to evaluate investment in new on-street and offstreet parking technology.
  •  Leverage parking as a community and economic development strategy and develop a comprehensive parking planning function.
  •  Critically assess the current parking enforcement program using the tools provided. Invest in mobile license plate recognition (LPR) technology.
  •  Develop a proactive facility maintenance program including regular facility condition appraisals, prioritized facility rehabilitation plans and the creation of parking facility maintenance reserves.
  •  Develop a new parking program brand and marketing program including significant on-going community outreach strategies. (See marketing strategy implementation matrix.)
  •  Invest in training and staff development with a goal of mastering the fundamentals of parking system management and operations.
  •  Work collaboratively with BYU and neighborhood associations to better define residential neighborhood parking issues and enhance residential permit programs, improve neighborhood permit enforcement (through LPR technology and increased staffing) and to identify and rectify documented safety issues such as intersection line of sight issues, speeding and related problems.
  •  Expand the scope of the parking program over time to be more supportive of alternative modes of transportation and embrace more of a “mobility management philosophy”.
  •  Address abuse of accessible parking placards to improve parking availability for those who are truly disabled.

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