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Provo City Mayoral Debate  
Central Neighborhoods
Good debate for learning about community issues and engagement.
Provo City Mayoral 
Debate for Employees
Good debate for learning about administrative styles and city management.
Provo City Mayoral Debate  
West Neighborhoods
Good debate for learning about community issues, west side growth, and engagement.
Provo City Mayoral Debate  
Southeast Neighborhoods
Good debate for learning about community issues and engagement. Joined by write-in candidate.
We are What Provo Needs Next
Sometimes it feels like a "buzz saw" when you help with a particularly difficult problem. Here's my effort to resolve tough issues.
It's about Experience.
This video will be replaced with the Southwest area debate video after next week.
Strong Neighborhoods
Both new and Historic
  •  Strong Neighborhoods: Support home ownership. Assure workforce housing options for our teachers, clerks, office staff, firemen, police officers, bus drivers, food service workers, etc. Provide the right mix of housing for various life stages. Preserve our historic neighborhoods. Plan well for new neighborhoods. 
  • Amenities: Support walkability. Maintain infrastructure and care for our parks and community amenities in a fiscally responsible way. Enhance neighborhood good will, unity, and respect for each other.
Strong Businesses
Downtown and Beyond
  • Parking: Working with owners and customers to implement parking solutions that work.
  • Hotels: Create enough hotel rooms to support a maximized Convention Center Event calendar. More visitors, more business, more money.
  • Improvements: Facades, signage, good business mix, pedestrian/bike, landscape, and placemaking. The perfect place to shop and take an evening stroll.
  •  Business Centers: Create the conditions that make Provo the obvious choice for new business, both large and small.
Getting it right
  • Open Space: Preserving what we love for future generations. 
  • Active Transportation: Remembering bikes, trails, pedestrian safety, good roads and transit options, where appropriate.
  • Good Housing: Healthy mix for healthy neighborhoods that last and last, protecting our investments.
  •  Experts: Learn from the successes and missteps of other cities ahead of us in the growth curve. 
  •  The West Side: Provo's greatest opportunites exist in balancing the demands of growth, the long-term economic vitality of the community with the open space and development patterns of our West side neighborhoods. I've been working on these matters for 16 years.
Provo Airport
Supporting Business
  •  Next Steps: We need more carriers, more flights going to and returning from more destinations. Developing the airport includes: a vibrant business district that supports airport activity. 
  • Terminal Discussion: In order to have more flights, we need to address critical terminal needs. It's time to start having that discussion. Let's proceed with the same successful model of public engagement we utilized to create the most successful Rec Center in the nation. We can follow that process to create a thriving airport for this community.
Build Community Unity
  •  Transparency: Enhance communication about city information, projects, and planning. Create publicly accessible timelines to be updated regularly. Seek ways to improve access to important information to our citizens. Utilize technology to increase that accessibility.
  • Build community: Work for a balance that champions neighborhoods AND economic vitality. Prepare Provo for the decades of opportunity to come. Create a community of careers not just jobs. Diversify our economic base and help our city understand why.
Homeless vs. Panhandlers
Supporting Solutions
  • Panhandlers: Laws prohibit passing anything from a car. But donating a $1 to our established non-profits can double, triple and even quadruple the benefit for those in real need. Sometimes not giving a direct handout can be our most compassionate choice.
  • Homeless: Transitioning the homeless out of their situation is our first choice. Rather than  warehousing people in shelters, dial 2-1-1 an let our Coalition of Care non-profits maximize available help. Let's focus on solutions that provide hope.
Good Governance
How we govern matters
  • Fiscal responsibility:  All taxpayers want excellent value for their taxes. Careful analysis before, during and after any expenditure will be required of my administration. Transparency is the standard.
  • Prepared for the future: Maintain city infrastructure in good repair. Prepare for ongoing maintenance and replacement of aging infrastructure. Be transparent about upcoming city needs and work as a community for sound solutions.
  • Respect: Work with Council respectfully and collaboratively.
Foster Contribution
People are our asset
  •  Non-Profits: Support the efforts and contributions of all our non-profits as they provide critical services. 
  • Volunteerism: Encourage our private citizens and groups to contribute value and skills to our community.
  • Universities Relations: Embrace our universities and their students as a vital part of Provo's culture and economic engine. Work to enhance each other's contribution and coordination which elevates our community. Foster partnerships between the three accredited universities in the area and our public schools.
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Important Dates
  • Primary--Aug 15th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
  •  General--Nov 7th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
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