We Support Sherrie...
We Support Sherrie...
Provo is on the move; great things are happening! But it will take Sherrie’s kind of leadership to continue Provo’s wonderful success. Sherrie is smart, and she cares. She anticipates what’s coming and what needs to be done. I’ve watched her in action as an effective and unselfish public servant. I urge you to vote for Sherrie as your next mayor.
—Greg Bell, Former Utah Lt. Governor Former Utah State Senator
Sherrie's level of experience and training is only matched by the sincere love she has for Provo. She is absolutely ready and able. She is exactly what Provo needs next."
—Stan Lockhart
The Daily Herald Endorses Sherrie
Sherrie Hall Everett was consistently the most prepared, the most knowledgeable and the most proactive in plans to address major issues like housing, 820 North traffic, west side growth, taxes, transit, and smart economic development.

While her personality is not as smooth as Provo’s seasoned and current Mayor John Curtis or as approachable as Kaufusi, she is a straight shooter, and we respect that. Perhaps her biggest obstacle — her position as co-vice chair on Utah Transit Authority’s Board of Directors — could become a great asset to the city. We see her inner knowledge of the good, bad and ugly of UTA as a benefit if she were to lead Provo. She would surely know how the citizens should best navigate this organization, and others, as continued growth comes. After all, it is fortunate that we have had a strong, local voice that has been able to influence UTA to make necessary changes, and to increase transparency in an organization with a reputation problem here.


Hall Everett sees the projected growth of our city as an opportunity. This is a valuable outlook that will position Provo as a continued leading government among neighboring cities that are asking how they can slow down growth or prevent it.


This election, voters simply have a choice between bad, better and best.

And we believe Hall Everett will be able to hit the ground running and effectively fill the responsibilities of mayor, immediately and the best out of the candidates.

—Excerpts from the Editorial published October 22, 2017

Sherrie loves Provo, and she has devoted much of her life to helping it succeed. I'm confident that her vision will help the city grow smart and continue to reach its potential. Also, she's an awesome neighbor.
—Peter Gardner, Provo resident
Sherrie has a strong foundation of knowledge, honesty, loyalty, dedication and perseverance. She cares about people and doing the right thing. Sherrie is a woman of strong moral character and will tenaciously defend what is true and right while presenting innovative solutions to challenges. I have served along side her and know she can be trusted. She will be a great leader for Provo!
—Trent Beesley, Provo resident
Sherrie is one of the greatest people I know. I've known her for years as she's tackled a variety of projects. She's put her whole self into what she does. She's kind, compassionate, optimistic and intelligent, and I couldn't think of a better person to be Mayor. She has my full support and I'm excited to she where she goes.
—Zachary Hokansen, Provo resident
Sherrie has the ability to hear and understand both sides. She is future focused but learns from the past. Her creativity, problem solving abilities and commitment to transparency are unparalleled. Provo has so much potential and Sherrie has the unique skills to direct all the resources toward the best outcome. I do not normally play in the political arena, but I am enthusiastically supporting Sherrie Hall Everett for Mayor.
—Sarah Asay, Provo resident and business owner
Larry Walters wrote about his reasons for deciding to endorse Sherrie on a recent Facebook post. Here are a few of the highlights: 

Sherrie is the Best Option...I suspect there may be other voters trying to sort out the options, so I thought I would share my evaluation of the candidates and my reasoning in deciding to cast my vote for Sherrie Hall Everett.

Provo needs a mayor who is current in their experience and understanding, and forward-looking in their vision. I don’t believe the write-in candidate meets that standard.

Provo needs a mayor who understands what it will take to be the CEO of the city. I listened to the other two candidates respond to questions from Provo City employees. One of the first questions asked was the candidate’s position on cost-of-living pay adjustments (COLAs) and merit pay increases. Michele Kaufusi gave her unequivocal support for COLAs and seemed surprised that city employees didn’t receive them regularly. Sherrie Hall Everett supported COLAs in concept, but also said that they could only happen if city revenues increased enough to pay for the them. A much more balanced and informed response in my view

Another question was focused on the future of East Bay golf course. Michele was again unequivocal in her support for the current course. Sherrie was more nuanced and expressed support for a golf course, but seemed to suggest the course could be moved if there were a better use for the land. Here again Sherrie demonstrated a better understanding of a broader range of Provo’s needs and opportunities.

Throughout the campaign, Sherrie has consistently been better informed and more specific in her views. I have seen Michele and Sherrie in multiple settings. Sherrie has consistently shown herself to be better prepared.

Sherrie still has much to learn. Her social media attacks on various people are quite troublesome. I think she has been too defensive and hard-of-hearing regarding BRT and UTA. And I was disappointed in her response to city employees regarding budgeting for outcomes. She does not yet understand how it could improve city government through better targeting of city spending. But when I consider all the alternatives, I am convinced that Sherrie Hall Everett will provide Provo with the strongest leadership for the next four years.

—Larry Walters, Provo resident and former candidate for Mayor
I remember very clearly the day Sherrie Hall Everett was appointed to represent Utah County on the UTA Board of Trustees. I called people I know in UC that knew her, and heard that she was no-nonsense, get things done "reformer". When I called her to welcome her to the Board, I got the same impression. How did she do that? She didn't come in looking for sound bites. She didn't come in looking to see what she could destroy. She came in and learned about stuff. She figured out where she could make a difference, and did so. She still is. She's Vice Chair now, because she's good at what she does. Despite media reports to the contrary, no Board member that I served with is getting rich off this service. In fact, most of us took a financial hit to serve. That's their choice. The hits to their character taken daily are NOT what they signed on for. My suggestion to ANY new Trustee serving on this Board is to listen, learn and THEN make a real difference. Do the work first. Is the agency perfect? Certainly not. Are they trying their hardest? No doubt in my mind. Have the changes made any difference? Yes. Thank you, Sherrie for being willing to stand in the crosshairs be part of the change.
—Chris Sloan, UTA Board of Trustees, Former Vice Chair

I was sad to hear that Mayor John Curtis's announcement that he will not be running again. I consider him an excellent example of wonderful public service. I have told many people that I consider him and eloquent compromiser. Even if you disagree with him, you will never leave a conversation feeling less about yourself. I consider much of the current boom in Provo to be directly influenced by him. In light of this, I am publicly asking for Sherrie Hall Everett to throw her hat into the race for Provo Mayor. I consider her to be one of the few people who will diligently act in Provo's best interest and then get out of the way. In my experience, she always takes the time to diligently seek out the information under the fluff and headline. She always fills me in on the complicated questions without bias or slant.
—Bryant Livingston, Provo resident
Sherrie is a highly intelligent woman who works smart to understand the best practices in both city, county, and state government. She has the ability to explain that to the common people who do not have her breadth of exposure. Sherrie is someone who I trust. She knows challenge and has overcome.
—Marilyn Starr Harris, Provo resident
Sherrie is smart, connected to the community, forward thinking, open to other's ideas, and has the experience we need in Provo.
—David and Rhonda Bailey, Provo residents
I don't personally know most of the "public" figures in Provo, but I do know the ones that are really truly involved on the ground floor. They're the ones who spend the time to get to know the local business owners, shop locally and support the businesses. I know Sherrie Hall Everett because she personally came into my business in the first week it opened and made friends with us. That means a lot more to me than anything else. She's truly part of the REAL fiber of the community and that's the type of mayor we need. Mayor John Curtis was another such mayor. Whether Sherrie runs or not, I sure hope that we can get someone that cares enough about the community to have actually lived IN IT and helped shape it, as people like John and Sherrie have.
—Richard Gregory, Provo Downtown Business Owner
We’ve known Sherrie for almost 30 years. She’s resilient, kind, funny, compassionate, and honest. Challenge inspires her and we’ve watched her grow a home business, manage admirably as a single mother to raise two capable adult children and take on challenges with commitment. She’s served endlessly not only in the community but also for non-profits, and her Church. She cares about the future of Provo and she cares about our neighborhoods and our businesses. She’s exactly what Provo needs.
—Keith and Debbie Mildenstein, Provo Residents
Sherrie is a deep thinker, remarkably patient, genuinely caring, kind, intelligent, resourceful, collaborative and well informed person. She thinks carefully before she speaks and says what she means. And builds bridges of respect in the process.
—Deb Rittel, Provo resident
I have witnessed Sherrie make difficult decisions with clarity of purpose. Most importantly, she is always sincere and open, resulting in trust and respect from colleagues and the public with whom she works. When needed, she is willing to make difficult decisions for the benefit of Provo citizens’ majority while maintaining cordial relations with a sometimes vocal minority.

—Ben S. Markham, Provo resident, Former Chair of Provo's Transportation Mobility Advisory Committee
I've watched Sherrie over the years easily grasp the bigger picture of any issue, no matter how complex. Her ability to sort through all the information, invite others to engage, provide important input, and work for the very best solutions is exceptional. She is committed to transparency. She is committed to empowering others to bring their best to to the process. She does all of this respectfully, building relationships as she goes. She can stand strong and has never been afraid of facing the toughest issues. Provo would be fortunate to put that experience and commitment to work as their Mayor.
—Rep. Keven Stratton, Utah House of Representatives
Sherrie cares about Provo and wants to make sure it continues to reach it's potential-encouraging economic growth while also preserving it's values. Sherrie is well informed and always cordial, even to those who oppose her.
—Stephanie Jelalian, Provo Resident
In my interactions with Sherrie, I've seen someone who is honest, open, and informed on the issues. Sherrie is someone who can look at both sides of an issue and come to a happy middle-ground giving the residents of Provo the best of both worlds. Sherrie is capable, competent and deserving of the respect she earned during her past years of service. I'm confident that Sherrie Hall Everett would make a great Provo Mayor.
—Matthew Jelalian, Provo Resident

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Sherrie has the smarts, the network, the confidence, and the leadership experience to keep Provo's trajectory moving in the direction we are enjoying. She is inclusive and knows how to get the job done. Mayor Curtis set some great things in motion for our city, and Sherrie will not only be able to maintain Provo's epic-ness, but she will be able to build upon it. Her experience on the city council, and various boards on the local and state level will give Provo a strongly competitive position as we build for the future! Sherrie is what Provo needs RIGHT NOW! Join me in helping to build Provo's exciting future.
—Robert Jaramillo, Provo resident
Sherrie is interested in Provo and Utah as a whole. She is open to listening to everyone and researches the issues. She will look for an answer that is best for Provo and its residents. She is approachable and interested in how decisions impact residents. I fully support Sherrie for Mayor for our great city!
—Kayelyn Robinson, Provo resident
Sherrie Hall Everett is an excellent choice for Mayor and as a long term resident knows not just the history but the people of Provo. There is not much in Utah county or Provo in particular that Sherrie hasn't been in the middle of or at least in the close periphery. She has forged great relationships on all sides of the important issues to the people of Provo and has always been a standard of the values and culture of Provo. She is respectful of the past. Yet mindful of the future.
—Jim Welsh
Sherrie Hall Everett: understanding, business friendly, accurate, She is what "Provo needs next." She has the ability to take a bunch of information that's not cohesive and make it understandable "for the rest of us." She will listen, and understand, and find solutions that work for everyone.
—Tosh Metzger, Provo resident and business owner
Sherrie utilizes her listening skills to incorporate and include a diversity of voices for an end result of the whole being better than the one. She is a team builder. She’s leads with effortless ability and allows others equal momentum. She will make an exceptional mayor.
—Cynthia Dayton, Former Provo Council Chair
I've know Sherrie since we were in college. I have watched her navigate the same life challenges that we all face. Each and every time she's been faced with a choice she has thoughtfully and deliberately selected the course of action she believed best for all. Not once have I ever known her to choose less than the best of all options available for the sake of convenience or personal benefit at the expense of other people. That kind of integrity combined with her extensive involvement in local issues makes her uniquely qualified to be the next mayor of Provo, Utah. Vote for Sherrie. I know I will!
—John Bingham
Sherrie knows neighborhoods, entrepreneurism, city government, volunteerism, service, and many other things necessary to step into the big shoes (or socks) of Mayor Curtis. But most importantly, Sherrie has the desire, passion and resumé to get the job done, making sure Provo's great leadership won't miss a beat.
—Brian and Wendi Smith, Provo residents
Sherrie is what future Provo needs to preserve what we love and build on to create great generations to come.
—Dave Lewis, Music Director at Community Church
You know how sometimes you wish you could vote on something, but you can't? The Provo City mayoral race is something to which I wish I could contribute - especially since I work in Provo. Since I can't vote, I'll use my voice to encourage those who can vote to thoughtfully consider Sherrie Hall Everett. She is the best prepared for the job and is passionate about the community and its people. She is experienced, an effective communicator, and generous servant. She is action-oriented, yet compassionate. She has a vision for the future and also respects the past. She is THE best prepared for this job. Now ends my PSA. Almost. #VoteSherrie
—Jessica Dalby Egbert
Sherrie has years of experience as a mother, resident, business owner, volunteer, and public servant in Provo. She understands Provo as few do. To call her the "UTA lady" is grossly selling her short--her work at UTA is only the tip of the iceberg. She will manage Provo's growth properly and continue what Mayor Curtis established.
—MIchael Faragher
Sherrie has decades of leadership experience, great ideas, and values the quality of life for Provo's citizens. I personally like that she supports smart city growth, preserving our open spaces, and planning our streets for multiple user types - cyclists, pedestrians, and transit included. I support her for Provo's next mayor!
—Austin Taylor
Join us and vote for Sherrie. 
We think she is what Provo needs next!
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Kyle Jardine
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Marilyn Starr & Robert Harris
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Important Dates
  • Primary--Aug 15th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
  •  General--Nov 7th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
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