Transparency...My commitment.
Transparency...My commitment
Do you care about Transparency? I do. 
But my opponents want you to think I don't. It's not true.
The backchannels of campaign sludge and deception are going on with a fury. Don't let them tell you the stuff they want to make up. Don't let them draw conclusions for you. I'm an open book. I always have been. Got a question. Ask me. I play by the rules.

  • Disclosure: All my donations, most of which are from grassroots are disclosed promptly and on required deadlines
  •  I'm honest: I called UTA General Counsel to research the process of reporting the donation within minutes. I want to follow the rules.
  • Board Process: I continually work to improve Board Processes. There is a Board Process that reviews these matters. We are following it.
  •  Track Record: I have been an advocate for transparency all along. I'm not stopping now. Got a question....ASK.
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Sherrie Hall Everett: My Commitment to Transparency, Ethics, and the Public at UTA.

One of the things that I'm known for is the demand for transparency in all aspects of public service. Anytime either elected or appointed public servants are discussing and making decisions regarding the use of public assets, allowing tax payers direct access to timely information is an absolute must. One of the things that I'm most proud of is the live streaming now implemented for each and every board meeting of the UTA Board of Trustees. (YOUTUBE Channel) Previously, interested parties had to either attend the meeting in person, search for summary versions of the meeting, or rely on the perspectives of local reporting. Nothing wrong with that if that's all you can do. But the Board said, "no, we can do better" and initiated the live streaming option, with links to archived past meetings. 

But transparency doesn't end there. Public servants should make sure that all their relevant activities are fully reported, even the activities that some would argue to be unrelated to their public service. Let me give an example.   

Separate from my UTA Board of Trustees service, I was recently going about my campaign efforts in the race to be Provo's next mayor. I was introduced to the CEO of Sunroc. We talked about growth and housing.

Sunroc, a company that supplies garage doors, boards, nails, and other building supplies to the housing industry, donated a significant sum to Sherrie Hall Everett for Mayor – a separate registered entity of my mayoral campaign. (To my knowledge, this contractor has no current or pending business with the City of Provo or UTA.) Though not required, the very first thing I did was to call the office of UTA’s General Counsel and give notice of the donation. Next, as is required, I made sure that the donation was specifically listed on my campaign financial disclosures and submitted without delay. The spending of that donation toward the campaign will also be transparently disclosed as it is used for expenses related to the campaign. I am grateful to have businesses support my pro-business, pro-neighborhood, pro-community stance as we prepare Provo for their role in future growth. 

It's important to note that I do not have any say in any bid awards. Board members are protected from that administrative process. I do not have any influence in contract awards and vendor selection. But to be overly cautious, I asked to be informed of ANY future Board decision where Sunroc, its parent company or other subsidiaries are involved. Going forward, it goes without saying that whenever appropriate, I will recuse myself from any future voting that the Board may do that would effect this contractor in anyway.

Public servants have lives apart from the service they offer to their communities. Many of them have businesses of their own. By complete and timely adherence to the rules of disclosure and transparency the public remains informed and their interest is safe guarded, just as it should be.

Sherrie Hall Everett for Mayor
Utah Public Officer and Ethics Act includes an exception for Campaign Contributions. 
How are Trustees Appointed?
The UTA Board of Trustees is comprised of 16 Trustees all appointed by multiple appointing authorities. Those authorities include your elected officials. Our appointing authority is the Mountainland Association of Governments - Council of Governments made up of all the Mayors, County Commissioners, UDOT representative and others who interview candidates and vote. I was one of five individuals interviewed to the receive the appointment.

Utah County has two appointments to the Board. One is an elected official. That is Mayor Jeff Acerson who was appointed a few months prior to my appointment. The other position is a non-elected official. That is the position I fulfill.

IF I am elected Mayor, I would resign my appointment to the UTA Board. Mayor Acerson is a valuable member of the Board and I and others on the Board respect and appreciate his contributions.

I am proud of the efforts we have made on the UTA Board since my appointment in March of 2016 to complete three years of reforms. You can read more about that by clicking the link below.

On Aug 1, 2017, at 10:47 AM, Sherrie Hall Everett wrote:

Thank you Jayme for the follow up. YES, please let me know absolutely if there is any potential future matter. I am happy to keep clear bright lines in place.

Thank you, 

Sherrie Hall Everett

On Aug 1, 2017, at 10:22 AM, Blakesley, Jayme (General Counsel)  wrote:

Hi Sherrie:
I write to follow-up on the conversation you and I had over the phone last Wednesday morning, and the subsequent letter I received from Trustee Brent Taylor on July 27, 2017, regarding a contribution your mayoral campaign received from SUNROC, a subsidiary of WW Clyde. Thank you for calling to make me aware of the contribution. When we spoke, I agreed to examine the Public Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act, UTA policy, and campaign finance laws to determine what level of review and disclosure is appropriate. 
While UTA internal auditor Riana De Villiers and I are still gathering information and discussing how to respond to Trustee Taylor’s letter, I wanted to restate what I told you over the phone last Wednesday: The provisions in the Public Officers and Employees Ethics Act that prohibit a public officer (like a member of the UTA Board of Trustees ) from accepting a gift, compensation, loan, or “economic benefit tantamount to a gift” do not apply to “a political campaign contribution.” Utah Code Ann. 67-16-5(3)(d).
Because I represent UTA as an entity, I am not able to advise you on campaign finance laws. I will note, however, that UTA plays no role whatsoever in writing or enforcing those laws. I know from our conversation last week that you are making every effort to comply with the requirements of Provo City law as they relate to campaign finance disclosures and that the contribution you received from SUNROC has been or will be disclosed as required by the City of Provo.
I also know from our conversation last week that . . . even though it may not be required by the Public Officers’ and Employees’ Ethics Act or UTA policy . . . you are considering whether to recuse yourself from any Board decisions that may affect SUNROC’s or WW Clyde’s interests. (Note: in my preliminary review of the matter, I cannot find an instance in the past where you have been asked to vote as a UTA Trustee on a matter affecting SUNROC or WW Clyde directly. Contractors for the Provo-Orem BRT Project were not selected by the Board, as far as I can tell.) While not required, I would advise you to recuse yourself from voting on matters affecting SUNROC or WW Clyde if and when they arise. (NOTE: I am not aware of any matters affecting these entities scheduled to come before the Board in the foreseeable future.) 
I know from our past experience that you always choose the safest, most honest, and most transparent course possible. I expect you will do the same here.
I will keep you updated as Riana and I respond to Trustee Taylor’s letter. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss the matter further.
Sherrie would love to come meet with your group, office, neighbors. 
Send us a note and let's make this happen! You can also text or call: 801-358-4147
Important Dates
  • Primary--Aug 15th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
  •  General--Nov 7th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
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