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What Provo needs next!
To Sherrie Hall Everett, community engagement and serving the city she loves comes naturally. After nearly two decades of public and non-profit service at all levels in our community she's ready to serve as Provo’s next (and first ever woman) Mayor. 
Smart Economic Development that keeps our taxes and fees low.
Ballots must be mailed back postmarked by November 6th
Fostering a 
Strong Community
Neighborhoods  |  Economic Vitality
 Businesses  |  Education  |  Health
Strong neighborhoods make great communities. Great businesses and economic energy keep our residents employed. Our two colleges bring the vibrancy of youth and the activities of learning to our doorsteps. Provo has a tremendous school system that educates our youth. Our volunteerism is second to none in the country. It takes all of us working together – that's Provo's magic.
Making the Most
of Our Opportunities
Downtown | East Bay/Ironton  |  Airport
 Provo Town CentRE  |  Riverwoods  
TOD |  The Mix
There's are reasons we rank Number One in the nation in so many ways. The changes in Provo over the past eight years have created new opportunity, new business owners and an increase in entrepreneurs. From the Utah Lake to the bench and from Springville to Sundance the entire city is poised to capitalize on coming opportunities. Provo is the heart of Utah County.
Managing the Coming 
Growth Smartly
 INFRASTRUCTURE  |  Transportation
By every measure, Provo is a great place to live. Our children are choosing to stay and raise their own families. Some that left are coming home. It will require sound leadership and the courage of conviction to create the right plan, with the right vision to be executed in perfect time. Leaders with experience and vision together will be essential to our success.
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Let's talk about how to ensure we continue to create an amazing community.
Sherrie's been working to make Provo better for 16+ years
Look at this custom Google Map that shows projects where she has gained the experience to be Mayor.
Let's get past any rumors.
In The News
My daughter, Jessica Hall and my son, Jeff Hall. 
Walking the Utah Lake Trail together with our dog, Tucker who is 16.
Important Dates
  • General--October 17th: Ballots will be mailed out 21 days before to registered voters.
  •  General--Nov 7th: Return your ballots postmarked by Nov. 6th or vote at the Provo Rec Center on Nov 7th.
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